Gideon Strauss, Footprints in the Dust: Can Neocalvinist Theory be Credible in Postcolonial Africa?

Abraham Kuyper


The Kuyper Foundation


Abraham Kuyper: a Christian Worldview
David Hall, Abraham Kuyper: An Influential and Overlooked Political Theorist
Irving Hexham, Christian Politics according to Abraham Kuyper
Richard J. Mouw, Abraham Kuyper: A Man for This Season
P.J. Strauss, Abraham Kuyper, Apartheid and Reformed Churches in South Africa in their Support of Apartheid

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Lectures on Calvinism
Part of: The Work of the Holy Spirit
Part of: The Work of the Holy Spirit
Part of: The Work of the Holy Spirit

Herman Bavinck


Agnes Amelink, ‘Herman Bavinck. De lankmoedigste onder de lankmoedigen’, Trouw 22 oktober 1999

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The Philosophy of Revelation

Klaas Schilder


Geoffrey Thomas, Learning from the Life of Dr. Klaas Schilder
Theodore Plantinga, Commemorating Schilder: Have We Learned Anything Yet?

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„Give, give”
„Sarcasm on Golgotha”
Christ and Culture
Nineteen Theses Concerning the Church
Outside the Church there is no salvation
The Main Points Of The Doctrine Of The Covenant
„Una Sancta”
Your Ecumenical Task
The Stocking Is Finished


Herman Dooyeweerd (1894-1977)

Dooyeweerd-Centre, Redeemer College (met biografie)
The Dooyeweerd Pages van Andrew Basden

Dirk Hendrik Theodoor Vollenhoven

Vollenhoven Archief (teksten van en over Vollenhoven)

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